Upwork is a global online work platform where over 4 million businesses and over 9 million independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. As Head of Visual Experience for the Product I am responsible for leading a range of projects in both interface visual design (across the entire user product), in addition to evolving the brand's overall look and feel. During the company's rebranding from Odesk to Upwork in 2015, I lead a complete visual re-skin of the entire product UI to align with the brand's new look. This included new typography, color, custom icon library, components, photography and illustration style. I work regularly with internal stakeholders, UX designers, developers and other visual designs to develop the next-generation of Upwork's platform. (Head of Visual Design Experience UX/UI: Kenny Hopper | Visitor Homepage Design, AD: Maria Pentkovski | Creative Direction: Jonathan Cofer)

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